About Us

Welcome to Urban Essentials ( Formlerly RCM Shop & Services.)
A place where to find an affordable and reliable products on top of today’s online selection. We are a fast-growing online retailer of home and lifestyles products for the indoor and outdoors. Our products ranging from fitness equipment to home and garden categories and much more.
Because at RCM Shop & Services Your convenience is our main priority. combined with exceptional customer service. So we strive to deliver the best products at the most affordable prices, and ship from multiple locations across Australia.
But why Shop on us, First hear our story, It’s started from a college student came in Australia few years ago. When he saw international students doing food deliveries using pushed bike or ordinary bicycles which is very tiring and exhausting. In order to help He started offering Rental for Electric bicycle for students at affordable price. That simple solution started to the road to RCM Shop Services. He’s vision started modestly and organically even though we’ve grown and expanding he remained faithful to the reason why he started this business solution to help and serve.
With our core values our dedication to our loyal customer and clients from the beginning is the driving factor to continuous improvement.
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